Shaker Tape

We can also supply in the colours and patterns shown below. If you are not sure how much to order, see our guide at the bottom of this page.

For prices on our Shaker tape, click here. Note that postage and packing is additional and dependant on the length ordered. Please contact us for a quote.

Plain Shaker Tape ((5/8)" and 1" Width)

Hunters Green
Olive Green
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Butternut (1" only)
Dark Cranberry

Patterned Shaker Tape ((5/8)" Width)

Beige/Hunters Green/Red/Olive Green
Black/Beige/Dark Blue (Also available in 1" width)
Red/Olive Green/Russet Green
Black/Beige/Hunters Green
Black/Brown/Olive Green
Black/Hunters Green/Red/Olive Green

Measuring for Shaker Tape Requirements

The following guide should allow you to assess how much you require should you wish to order a length.

First, measure the front rail between posts, in inches. Second, measure straight across the centre of the back rail to the centre of the front rail, in inches. Multiply these together. Divide the result by 9, and that is the total number of yards of 1" tape required (for (5/8)" tape, divide by 5.3 rather than by 9). If you want to use two colours, order half the total number of yards per colour.

Colour Samples

Please send a Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE) and payment of £1 for actual colour samples.