Stail Engine

The Stail-Engine is a modified trap which is an ideal tool for cane and stick makers who wish to taper sticks but have no lathe or means of rotating the wood.

This tool has been used by many cane makers to taper shafts for decorative walking sticks. See reference to our tapering tools in "Canes through the Ages" by Francis H Monek (ISBN 0-88740-862-1).

Stail Engine Black and White

This metal tool was developed from an old wooden tool used for rounding and tapering tool handles, e.g. hay rakes. (See "Woodland Crafts in Britain" by H.L. Edlin (pub. Batsford 1949) page 32).

To taper a stick using the Stail-Engine the material should first be made cylindrical with a rounder. The round stock should then be held vertically in the vice and the Stail-Engine used to form a slow taper.

Craftsman Using Stail Engine

The Stail Engine Used to Taper a Stick by Hand

Stail Engine Colour