Hand Crank/Twizzler

The handcrank/twizzler is a very useful device for those craftsmen who do not have a lathe, turning head or any mechanical means of rotating chair members for tapering with the trapping plane. The standard and lathe trapping planes can only be used on cylindrical pieces of wood which are rotating. With the handcrank/twizzler, it is possible to rotate the wood by hand thus enabling the rounders to be used to make cylindrical lengths and the trapping plane to be used for tapering. Handcrank
The handcrank/twizzler is a fine piece of precision engineering. The smooth turning action is obtained by using a 5/8 diameter steel shaft running in two 'oilite' flanged bushed. The steel chuck is bored to 1(3/4) diameter to suit the split collets. An alloy crank is fitted with a plastic rotating handle and the whole assembly is mounted in a hardwood block.

Craftsman Using Handcrank

Craftsman using Handcrank and Trapping Plane to Taper Stick

The handcrank/twizzler would also be very useful for chairmakers who demonstrate at shows and country fairs.

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