End Rounder

The End Rounder can produce a pleasing radius on chair feet and upright chair parts. This is best done by rotating the timber slowly (by some mechanical means with the end to be shaped running freely). The timber should be revolved in the brass cradle and against the blade to first produce a small chamfer. End Rounder

By repeating this operation, and by altering the angle at which the tool is held, a radius will be produced. It is essential that the blade must be set to give a very fine shaving as the cut is on the endgrain. A thick shaving would result in chatter.

Craftsman Using End Rounder

End Rounder Used to Radius the Foot of a Chair Leg with the Wood Rotating

The End Rounder can also be used to produce a chamfer on the end of cylindrical lengths. A small chamfer can be achieved on tenons for seat rails or stretchers, enabling easier entry into drilled holes in round chair legs. The end rounder is cupped in one hand and the timber to be worked is located at an angle against the brass guide and rotated with the other hand against the blade.

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