Turning Head

A gearbox is mounted to a cast cradle. This is powered by a Brook Crompton Parkinson 0.5hp single phase motor. The machine rotates in both directions in 4 speeds ranging from 60 rpm to 400 rpm (approximately).

A no volt release on/off switch with Dayton drum reversing switch is provided. Also an emergency stop switch on 6 feet of cable for mounting at the "tailstock" end of the machine. Five Pairs of collets are provided with steel chuck and chuck key.

The wooden bedways and guides are not included with the turning-head but Ashem Crafts will send out a full set of drawings for customers to make their own. We strongly advise customers not to use their turning-heads without the bedways and guides and that all safety procedures are followed.

We recommend that the supply to this machine is protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD). The fuse is recommended to be rated at 7 amps.

Craftman Using Turning-Head

Unmotorized Version

We also sell an Unmotorized version of this machine which does not include the motor or switches. It does include the gearbox mounted on a cradle with 5" pulley and chuck bored to suit collets, 4 pairs of collets and chuck key, belt guard and pair of motor mounting brackets. The purchaser will need to wire up their own motor and switches. A wiring diagram will be sent on request.

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