Maker: Geoff Alpe of Gloucestershire

West Country Comb Back Chair

in Yew, Pear wood and Elm 

Many primitive comb back Windsor chairs were made in the West country and in Wales in the 18th and early 19th centuries. John Brown, the well known chairmaker from Wales and Eric Connor from Co. Wicklow have both developed this style into quality handcrafted chairs which are available today. The above chair shows the arm bow bent from 1(1/4)" square section yew. The hexagonal yew legs taper to a joint formed with a 1" rounding plane and pass through the elm seat before being wedged. All sticks are made in pear wood. The twelve underarm spindles are first rounded to (3/4)" and have ½" diameter joints into blind holes under the arm. The eight long back spindles are tapered with the trapping plane from (3/4)" to ½" diameter where they enter the elm comb. Constructional details for similar chairs are described in John Brown's book "Welsh Stick chairs" first published in 1990.