Double Bow Stickback Windsor Chair

in English Yew with Elm Seat

Maker : Geoff Alpe of Gloucestershire

This traditional double bow Windsor is from dimensions made by Mike Abbott, the author of "Green Woodwork" and "Living Wood" (published 2004) and also tutor of pole lathe courses at Clisset wood in Herefordshire. Both bows are steamed and bent in Yew and the chair has a solid one piece Elm seat.

The back sticks are made with Ashem rotary planes using (3/4)" diameter stock with (1/2)" joints both into the seat and through the arm bow. The sticks taper to (3/8)" diameter where they enter the top bow. The legs and arm supports are lathe turned passing through the seat before being wedged. The three stretchers are made by rounding 1(3/8)" diameter lengths and then by using both the 1" and (3/4)" rounders to give a double reduction. (3/4)" diameter tenons are formed. Final shaping of the stretchers being done with an Ashem trapping plane.

A full size drawing of this chair is available from Ashem Crafts. The cost of this full size drawing is £9.95 + post and packing. Owing to the increased cost of making full size copies and the new price structure introduced by Royal Mail, we have reluctantly had to increase our prices for full size drawings of this chair.

Alternatively we can offer 1/4 size drawings at £3.95. Please send a large SAE.