Shaker Rocking Chair

in American Red Cherrywood

Maker : Wynn Rowlands of Shropshire

This Shaker Rocking chair was first drawn and made by Ken Groom of Barcaldine, Nr. Oban, Argyll, Scotland. Ken used a variety of sources to decide on the elegant proportions of the rocker after seeing an original chair in the American Museum in Bath and reading Barry Jackson's book "Making Shaker furniture".

Many of these chairs have been successfully made by participants on Ashem Crafts chairmaking workshops at several venues in England and at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (USA).

The legs are rounded with a 1(3/8)" (35mm) rounder. All stretchers are tapered with the trapping plane from 1" diameter to (5/8)" for the tenons. The seat rails are made from 1(1/8)" diameter stock with (5/8)" tenons formed with our Ashem (5/8)" hollow shoulder tool.

The seat is woven with 1" Shaker tape. There is also (5/8)" tape available in a variety of colours.

Click here for colours of tape available.

1/4 full size plans for this chair are available from Ashem Crafts. Please send a self addressed stamped envelope along with a cheque or postal order for £6.95. NB Special offer A 1/4 full size drawing for a Shaker Elder's chair is included FOC with every order for the Shaker Rocking chair plans.