Maker: John Bromley of Herefordshire

Fred Lambert Rocker Chair

in Ash with Elm seat and comb

A rocking chair designed by the late Fred Lambert in 1970. The Back sticks have been rounded to (3/4)" diameter and tapered with a the trapping plane to a (3/8)" joint into the comb. They are bent to give support to the lumber region between the 5th and 8th lumber vertebrae.

The arms are formed from three (5/16)" laminates of ash. The legs are 1(1/2)" diameter with joints into the seat and rocker formed with a 1" rounder.

Full size drawings for this chair are available from Ashem Crafts. Drawings of the formers for the laminated arms and bent back sticks are also included together with instructions for making this chair. Price of full size drawing is £10.95 plus £4.50 postage. Owing to the increased cost of making full size copies and the new price structure introduced by Royal Mail, we have reluctantly had to increase our prices for full size drawings of this chair.

The stages in making this chair are featured in an article in the August 2006 edition of Practical Woodworking Magazine.