Continuous Bent Arm Windsor Chair

Maker : Bob Steel of Worcestershire

The stages in making this chair are featured in the July 2000 edition of the Woodworker magazine.

The arm is bent from one piece of ash 66" long. The Back sticks are first made with a (5/8)" rounder. Joints into the bow are (3/8)" with a (1/2)" rounder used to form accurate joints into the seat. The trapping plane is used to taper between the three diameters. The legs shown on this chair have been lathe turned but alternatively they can be rounded with a
1(1/2)" rounder and shaped with the trapping plane.

A full size drawing of this chair including full size drawings of the bending jig, and details of steel straps for bending the bow is available direct from Ashem Crafts at a cost of £12.95 + £4.50 postage. Owing to the increased cost of making full size copies and the new price structure introduced by Royal Mail, we have reluctantly had to increase our prices for full size drawings of this chair.