Maker: Roger Brain of Worcestershire

Single Bow High Back Windsor Chair

in English Ash with Ash seat

This armchair is in the style of Lucian Ercolani, the famous Italian designer and founder of Ercol furniture in High Wycombe, England. The bow is steam bent from one 58" length of 1" square ash. The 1½" rounder has been used to form the legs with 1 " diameter joints into blind holes in the seat. Legs have been shaped to a barrel shape with the trapping plane. The arm supports are shaped from 1(1/4)" diameter ash with ¾" joints into the underside of the arm and the side stretchers. They are located in semicircular recesses in the edge of the seat and secured with a button headed dowel. The three stretchers are 1¼" diameter with ¾" joints. Back sticks are tapered with the trapping plane from ¾" diameter to (3/8)" 

Full size plans for this chair are available from Ashem Crafts price £9.50 + postage